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Dental bonding is an effective and budget-friendly way to disguise minor teeth imperfections. Patients choose this option when they do not want the appearance of silver when they smile and wish to avoid the costlier procedure of dental veneers. Another benefit of choosing dental bonding is that it is fast, painless, and requires no anesthesia.

Bonding makes an excellent solution for the following types of dental issues:

  • A chip or a crack on one or more teeth
  • Gums that have severely recessed
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Some of your teeth are loose or unstable
  • You wish to disguise a large gap between two of your teeth

What to Expect During the Dental Bonding Procedure

To prepare the bonding material for your appointment, Dr. Gregory Borrowdale removes the portion of your tooth that has become unsightly. He then molds, shapes, and layers it to match the look of your other teeth. If you have ever had a cavity filled by Dr. Borrowdale, the material he uses for bonding is the same thing he uses when filling a cavity.

Once he is sure the bonding mix is exactly right for you, he places an etching or gel on the tooth followed by the bonding agent. Next, he uses a dental curing light so the bonding materials harden on your tooth. Finally, he trims and polishes the resin coating to make your teeth as attractive as possible. This process typically requires only one appointment to complete.

Considerations After You Receive Dental Bonding

The composite resin Dr. Borrowdale uses in the bonding process is highly resistant to staining. Your treated teeth remain polished and shiny in appearance, even when you eat dark-colored food or engage in other habits that would normally stain your teeth. However, they do not last as long as other types of dental restorations. The typical lifespan we see is four to seven years before the bonding starts chipping and wearing away. At that point, you can choose to repeat the process or select a different procedure to cover minor problems with your teeth.

White Fillings

White fillings, also called tooth colored or composite fillings, are an ideal choice for people who don’t want it to appear obvious that they have had cavities filled. With traditional metal fillings, it’s hard to disguise. Some patients are also concerned that metal fillings contain mercury. When Dr. Borrowdale diagnoses a cavity, just let him know that you’re interested in this alternative to traditional fillings.

When you return for your follow-up appointment, he will fill the cavity with glass and plastic particles that make up the filling material. Since he bonds these fillings to your teeth, they remain there permanently. Besides an enhanced appearance, one major advantage of white fillings is that they don’t cause increased sensitivity in your treated teeth as metal fillings can do.

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