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Most adults do not have the same bright white teeth they had as children. That is because the teeth, like every other part of the body, wear down with time. Food and drinks reach the enamel of the teeth and cause them to become stained or discolored. Eating dark-colored foods, drinking wine, drinking large amounts of coffee or soda, and smoking any type of tobacco product are all hard on the teeth. If you’re not happy with the shade of your teeth, schedule a whitening appointment at the office of Dr. Gregory Borrowdale.

Professional teeth whitening has been around for decades, although only the movie stars used it for a long time. The procedure is now so simple and inexpensive that anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their smile can do so with just a few outpatient visits to Dr. Borrowdale.

How Professional Teeth Whitening Works

Your first appointment for this popular cosmetic dentistry procedure involves Dr. Borrowdale taking impressions of both your upper teeth and your lower teeth. He then sends the impressions to our laboratory to make bleaching trays customized to the fit of your mouth. Although the trays fit perfectly on your teeth, the bleaching solution poses a very slight risk of gum discoloration. We discuss all risks and how to manage them when you come in for your initial consultation.

We will contact you to begin the second phase of treatment when your customized upper and lower mouth trays come back from our laboratory. Dr. Borrowdale always tests the fit and makes any necessary adjustments before sending you home with them. After you get home with the trays, you should wear them for two or more hours every day.

Approximately one week to 10 days after you start wearing the bleaching trays, you will see a considerable difference in the brightness of your teeth. This is due to the action of carbamide peroxide at the deepest layer of the tooth enamel. You will no longer feel self-conscious about your smile and will want to show it off all the time. Our staff will take a picture of you before teeth whitening treatment and a picture of you afterwards so you can see the incredible difference for yourself.

Teeth bleaching will not work on dentures or any other type of dental restoration. In some cases, it might not be effective or another procedure would be more appropriate. Dr. Borrowdale will let you know if you appear to be a good candidate for teeth whitening at your first appointment. He will answer all of your questions at this time as well.

Our staff looks forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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By Jodie H., Folsom

I hadn't been into Dr. Borrowdale's office for about 3 1/2 lack of organization! The team at the office all welcomed me back and put my fears to rest...they were gentle (especially since I hadn't had a cleaning in all that time). I made sure to make my next appointment when I left....this time in about 6 more missing appointments! Special kudos to Nina and Ann, both were amazing!