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When you are missing several consecutive teeth or all of your natural teeth, dentures disguise the tooth loss as well as provide you with full chewing and speaking functionality. Dr. Gregory Borrowdale typically recommends dentures to patients who still have some of their natural teeth so they can act as an anchor. If you no longer have any of your natural teeth, you may be the ideal candidate to receive dental implants anchored to dentures.

Combining Dental Implants with Dentures

Dental implants have become an increasingly popular restoration over the past several years. They are a permanent solution to tooth loss that look more natural than typical removable dentures. Most importantly, dental implants return normal functioning to your mouth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

When it comes to tooth restoration, dental implants offer a number of important benefits. These include:

  • You do not have to remove your dental implants for cleaning or buy special cleansing products.
  • The dental implant contains artificial tooth roots that bond with nearby bone.
  • You have far fewer food restrictions with dental implants than you do with traditional dentures.
  • The new roots, called abutments, provide secure support for your artificial teeth.
  • If you have remaining natural teeth, Dr. Borrowdale makes sure that the replacement teeth match their appearance as closely as possible.
  • You won’t experience pain with talking or eating, your speech will be more intelligible, and you never have to worry about dental implants falling out and causing embarrassment.
  • Dental implants help to prevent bone loss by filling the gap left by missing teeth.

The Process of Getting Dental Implants

The structure of your teeth includes a root as well as a crown. Your tooth’s root is just below the gum line. The abutment portion of the dental implant serves as an anchor for your jawbone. For your first session, Dr. Borrowdale provides you with general anesthetic and places the abutments into the jawbone. He then sutures the gums. This portion of the dental implant procedure takes between one and three hours.

You now need to wait three to six months to allow your gums and jaw the opportunity to heal. The remaining bone in your jaw will fuse with the implant during a process known as osseointegration. While you are waiting for healing to take place, Dr. Borrowdale may provide you with a removable crown to make chewing easier and to give you the appearance you desire.

When your dentist feels satisfied with the healing process, he is ready to attach abutments to the teeth. To do this, he exposes the implant from the top. This portion of the implant offers support to dental crowns. Lastly, Dr. Borrowdale takes an impression of your implant and crafts a final restoration. Your new restorations will feel comfortable in your mouth and give you the attractive smile you have been missing.

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