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What is Crown Lengthening?

Dr. Gregory Borrowdale may recommend a crown lengthening procedure when you have decay present below your gum line. Typically, he completes this process before fitting you with a new dental crown. Other dentists often refer patients to him for crown lengthening before they start a restorative dentistry procedure to repair severely decayed or broken teeth. It exposes more of the tooth by adjusting its bone and gum level. This makes it easier to proceed with the restoration.

Some patients request crown lengthening because they are unhappy with the appearance of a gummy smile. This means that their smile shows more gums than teeth. Most of the time, the teeth are an appropriate length but are covered by excess gum tissue. Dr. Borrowdale reshapes excess bone and gum tissue during this procedure so the smile reflects the teeth more than the gums.

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants are an attractive option to replace one, several, or all of the natural teeth. They remain in the mouth permanently and restore its function and aesthetics. Below are some of the major benefits of choosing dental implants for tooth replacement:

  • Implanted teeth safely bond with remaining bone in the jaw in a process called osseointegration.
  • You can eat and speak normally and without pain.
  • Dental implants appear to be your natural teeth.
  • The implants Dr. Borrowdale places in your gums and jaw provide firm support for your replacement teeth.
  • Dental implants prevent further bone loss.

How the Procedure Works

Every tooth has a root and a crown, with the root being the part you can’t see beneath the gum line. When you receive dental implants, Dr. Borrowdale places small titanium rods in your gums that become an anchor for the jawbone. He provides you with anesthetic when opening the gum tissue and placing the rods, which are called abutments. After placement of the last abutment, he sutures the gums closed. This takes up to three hours depending on how many implants you need.

You need to wait between three and six months for your jaw and gums to heal before continuing with the dental implant process. The artificial tooth roots undergo osseointegration during this time, which means they fuse with the existing bone. Dr. Borrowdale can provide you with a removable crown to strengthen chewing and preserve aesthetics.

When you return to Dr. Borrowdale’s Folsom office, he attaches the replacement teeth to the abutments. He then takes an impression of your dental implants to create the final restoration. The procedure is now complete and you have fully functional teeth again.

Periodontal Surgery (Pocket Reduction)

Dr. Borrowdale recommends periodontal surgery, also called pocket reduction surgery, when you have advanced periodontal disease. He removes bacteria, calculus, plaque, and other harmful debris that threaten your oral health. He also reshapes the bone and tissue impacted by periodontal disease. This process allows you to retain your natural teeth for as long as possible.

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