Dental Crowns

Tooth Crowns in Our Folsom Practice

Dental PatientAs part of the normal aging process, your teeth may begin to show signs of decay. The effects of years of bacterial growth, plaque, and tartar can cause a number of oral health concerns. People are more likely to need a root canal, replacement of a lost filling, treatment for teeth grinding, or repair of a cracked tooth as they get older.

Dr. Gregory Borrowdale and his staff always do everything possible to remove as minimal tooth structure as possible. When that isn’t possible, we may advise you to have a crown placed on the decayed, chipped, or otherwise damaged tooth. Crowns also protect teeth that have just received a root canal. Not only does this give you a more attractive smile, it helps to restore full chewing function as well.

Most patients complete the process of receiving a dental crown in two appointments.

Different Types of Crowns

After our staff recommends a dental crown, we will discuss the various options you have when receiving this restoration. These include a full gold crown, a full porcelain crown, or a porcelain crown fused to gold or metal. Dr. Borrowdale will complete a comprehensive oral exam to determine which option is right for you. While some patients worry that their crown will be obvious, we assure you that it won’t be noticeable at all. You will forget that you have a restoration after a while and think it is your natural tooth.



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