Dental Implants

Modern tooth restoration in Folsom

Satisfied PatientDental implants may be the ideal, modern restoration for you if you’re missing one or more teeth. They are long-lasting, and can be used in a variety of lost teeth scenarios. See Dr. Borrowdale to discuss your individual needs.

Replacing one or two teeth

If you’re missing 1 or 2, or even 3 teeth, individual implants can be placed, replacing the space. This is an ideal treatment as the procedure is as close to getting your tooth or teeth back. They look, feel, and floss like your own teeth.

Replacing multiple teeth in an area

If an implant-supported bridge can be done, an implant is done at each end of the space and a bridge is fabricated to replace all missing teeth in an area.

Replacing numerous teeth on the upper or lower arch

Can be done as described above or sometimes an implant supported partial denture is done for more stability. It is now common to have an implant supported full denture.

The process of planning and receiving Dental Implants

Dr. Borrowdale works a periodontal specialist, who will consult with you on the process and evaluate your mouth for implant placement. This involves clinically looking at the space and a special 3-D x-ray to look at the bone. Dr. Borrowdale and the periodontist will then make a treatment plan. The periodontist does the surgery and places the implant and, after a period of healing, Dr. Borrowdale places the final crown.

Your New Winning Smile

After healing, to ensure your dental implants blend in with your existing teeth, Dr. Borrowdale will match the shade and shape as close as possible. Dental Implants offer more than just convenience and improve appearance. They benefit your oral and general health because they prevent the remaining teeth in your mouth from shifting toward the spot left open because of the missing tooth (teeth). This can cause issues with alignment and how thoroughly you are able to chew your food.

Since Dental Implants remain in your mouth, they require the same care that your natural teeth receive. If you are considering this popular restoration, please contact Dr. Borrowdale’s office to request a consultation appointment. We will answer all of your questions at that time, in addition to completing an oral exam.

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